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음성 기능은 200자로 제한됨

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l  Compatible 7inch TFT LCD 감압식 LCD

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l  7inch TFT LCD LG LB070WV6 800x480  호환

l  7inch TFT LCD SAMSUNG LMS700KF05 호환

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호환보드 : Mango-AM335x , Mango-IMX6

l  Compatible 10.4” TFT LCD with Resistive Touch Screen ( 800x600 )

l  Support  various resolutions

l  BACKLIGHT PWM step-up DC/DC Converters  

l  Dimension : 100mm(W) x 40.0mm(H)  

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호환보드 : Mango220 , Mango-AM335x, Mango-IMX6

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호환 보드: Mango24R2, Mango210, Mango64R2, Mango64R3,Mango310

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l  Mango220 Main Board

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