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 지그비 통신과 MCU 공부에 적합한 구성

l  Zigbee 2.4GHz 포함

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Package Contents 

l  CR-BT200 Module : 1ea

l  CR-BT200-IB1 Board : 1ea

l  AT100R2 보드 : 1ea

l  IoT Thing Debug Board (CR-IOT-ATDBG1) : 1ea

l  20Pin Cable : 1ea

l  3pin Serial Cable : 1ea

l  USB to Serial RS232 Module : 1ea

l  Mini USB Cable : 1ea

l  5V AC DC Adapter : 1ea

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l  JTAG Connector

l  CC Debugger Connector

l  MINI USB Connector

l  RS232 level Converter

l  5V DC Power jack

l  3.3V LDO

l  BOOT / POWER Mode select Switch

l  UART select Switch

l  Reset Switch

l  Dimensions : 60mm x 30mm

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l  Compatible with zFrog IoT thing Board (CR-IOT-AT100)

l  Support Sensor Connector

l  4 Input Port

l  4 Output Port

l  Input / Output Isolation

l  Input Indicator LED  : 4ea

l  Ouput Indicator LED : 4ea

l  Input Voltage : 12V , 1A

l  Reset Button

l  Dimensions : 120mm x 80mm

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l  Zigbee 2.4GHz

l  STM32L0 CPU

l  Intelligent processing with low-power high-performance 32bit Cortex-M3 MCU

l  Input voltage : 2.3~3.6V

l  Dimensions : 60mm * 30mm


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l  Individual LED Segment Control

l  Supply Voltage Range : 2.7 to 5.5V

l  Brightness Control 가능

l  1MHz I2C-Compatible Interface

l  Support LEFT, RIGHT Scroll Display

l  Max 4 x 8FND 7-Segment 가능

l  Dimensions : 60mm X 30mm

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