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10.1” LCD TTL to LVDS Expansion Board (CR_LIF1_LTN101AL03_10_1INCH_V1.0)

LCD TTL to LVDS Expansion Board Feature


l  Compatible 10.1 inch TFT LCD with Capacitive Touch Screen (1280x800)

l  On Board TTL(RGB) to LVDS Conveter

l  Wide frequency range : 20 to 85 MHz shift clock support

l  +3.3V LVDS 24Bit Flat Panel Display (FPD) Transmitter - 85MHz

l  Support  various resolutions

l  BACKLIGHT PWM step-up DC/DC Converters

l  3.3V I2C interface

Pin Map



Supported Boards


l  Mango CM-V210+CX-V210 Board

l  Mango CM-V310 Main Board

l  Mango310 Main Board

l  Mango210 Main Board



Shipping Materials


l  LCD interface Board : 1ea

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