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Mango-CLS1043A Main Board ( 031-701-5057)



l  NXP Quad Core LS1043A 1.6GHz

l  DDR4 RAM 2GBytes

l  PCIe 2 Ports

l  10Gbps Ethernet 1 Port

l  1Gbps Ethernet 2 Ports

l  D-SUB9 RS232 2 Ports

l  NAND 512MB 탑재

l  CPLD 탑재

l  Micro SD Slot 1 Port

l  Input Power : 12V – 24V


Package Contents

lCM-CLS1043A + CX-CLS1043A Base Board : 1EA


부품 배치도

Block Diagram

Mechanical Dimension


CM-CLS1043A Dimension

lDimension : 75mm X 50mm


CX-CLS1043A Dimension

lDimension : 150mm X 180mm





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