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Mango210 Standard Package 3 [Cortex-A8 S5PV210 7인치 정전식 LCD Start]


Manual and Source


Hardware Schematic download  “Downloads > Mango210”

또는 help@crz-tech.com으로 요청


Source Download


Linux, Android Manual


망고보드 매뉴얼-> 망고210 메뉴얼(S5PV210)


Package Contents 

l  Mango210 Main Board: 1EA

l  7inch 1024x600정전식 LCD : 1EA

l  CR-LIF1-ED070NA-01H_V1.0 : 1EA 

l  Mini USB Cable : 2EA

l  60Pin FFC Cable : 1EA

l  5V /2A DC Adapter : 1EA

l  USB to RS232 Module: 1EA

l  Micro SDHC 8GB card : 1EA

l  3Pin Serial Cable : 1EA



l  CPU : Samsung S5PV210 ARM Cortex A8 , 1GHz Application Processor

l  Memory : Mobile DDR2 512Mbytes , SLC NAND Flash 256Mbytes

l  Display  : 7 WVGA(800x480) Color TFT with Touch Screen Interface

l  Audio : Wolfson WM8960 Audio Codec with 1W Stereo Speaker Amplifier

l  Ethernet : SMSC LAN9220 10/100Mbps Ethernet Controller

l  USB : USB2.0 HOST , USB2.0 OTG

l  SD : SD/MMC PORT 0 ,1 Standard SD Connector

l  SD : SD/MMC PORT 2 Expansion Connector ,

l  SD : SD/MMC PORT 3 WiFi & Expansion Connector  

l  UART : UART Port 0 BT & Expansion Connector

l  UART : UART Port 1 ,2 D-SUB9 DEBUG

l  HDMI : V1.3(1080p Full HD)

l  Camera : 1.3M(130만화소),5M(500만화소) Pixel AF camera (옵션)

l  WiFi/BT : SDIO ,802.11b,g 지원, BT(UART0)

l  Connectors : xpansion Connectors(120X2)

l  Connectors : IrDA, Camera, I2S, SPI0/SPI1, SDIO0/2, EBI, UART, LCD

l  Dimensions : 110 x 80 mm


PCB Size

Block Diagram

부품 배치도

Booting Mode

SD 부팅 : 1, 3, 4 ON , 나머지 OFF

NAND 부팅 : 1, 2 ON , 나머지 OFF



mango210(s5pv210)HDMI test


Android(Froyo) Camera Test


안드로이드 음성인식 실행모습 (망고210 S5PV210)


OpenCV 실행 동영상(Mango210)


gingerbread porting to mango210 (s5pv210)


7” 정전식 LCD 테스트 (s5pv210)






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이름 / 2014-11-20 / ★★★☆☆ [수정 / 삭제]


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