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Mango-E-Toi 900MHz CC1120 Module

Mango-E-Toi 900Mhz CC1120 Module Feature

l  Compatible Mango-E-Toi MainBoard

l  Adjacent Channel Selectivity: 64 dB at 12.5-kHz Offset

l  Blocking Performance: 91 dB at 10 MHz

l  Excellent Receiver Sensitivity

l  –123 dBm at 1.2 kbps

l  –110 dBm at 50 kbps

l  –127 dBm Using Built-in Coding Gain)

l  Suitable for Systems Targeting ETSI Category 1 Compliance in 169-MHz and 433-MHz Bands

l  High Spectral Efficiency (9.6 kbps in 12.5-kHz Channel in Compliance With FCC Narrowbanding Mandate

l  Dimensions : 40mm(W) * 30mm(H)

Shipping Materials

  l  Mango-E-Toi 900Mhz CC1120 Module : 1ea

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