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Jasmine OpenSSD

Price :

2,200,000 (VAT별도)

USD $ 2,000

이메일 : ( 031-701-5057)

OpenSSD Feature

l  Indilinx Barefoot SSD Controller

-  ARM7TDMI-S core running at 175MHz

-  96KB internal RAM

-  Supports SATA 2.0 host interface (3Gbps)


-  Separate DRAM access bus for transferring data between NAND flash memory and DRAM buffer

-  Supports various NAND flash memory chips from different vendors such as Samsung, Hynix, Toshiba, Micron, etc.

-  Specialized hardware for buffer management and memory utility functions

-  JTAG support

-  NCQ support

l  64MB Mobile DRAM

l  8GB NAND flash memory slots

l  Dimension : 230mm x 170mm

l  Software

-  Firmware build tool (from Indilinx)

-  Basic firmware source code for interfacing with SATA controller and Flash controller

-  Sample FTL source code

-  LLD (Low-Level Driver) library


Shipping Materials 

l  Jasmine OpenSSD EVB

l  Two 32GBytes NAND Flash Modules (Total of 64GBytes NAND Storage)

l  SATA Cable

l  DSUB9 RS232 Cable 



l  Jasmine OpenSSD Platform


Price : 2,200,000 (VAT별도)

이메일 : ( 031-701-5057)

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이름 / 2014-11-20 / ★★★☆☆ [수정 / 삭제]


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