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10.1 inch TFT LCD with Capacitive Touch Screen ( 1280x800 )


10.1” LCD with Capacitive Touch Feature


l  10.1” TFT Display for the embedded board

l  Linux kernel Driver 제공

l  1280 x 800 WXGA Resolution

l  TFT Screen with integrated Capacitive Touch Panel 

l  True Muti-Touch with up to 10 Points

l  24 bit RGB Data support

l  LCD Response time Typ 30ms , MAX 45ms

l  LCD Luminance MIN 320cd/m  Typ. 400cd/m2

l  LCD Contrast ratio 900

l  Driver element : a-Si TFT active matrix

l  Display mode : Normally Black

l  Dot pitch : 0.1695(H) x 0.1695(V)mm

l  Display area : 216.96(H) x 135.60(V)mm

l  LCD Operation Temperature : -20 ~ 50oC

l  Touch Operation temperature : -40oC ~ 85 oC



Pin Map

LCD 연결사진

Supported Boards 


l  Mango220 Main Board

l  Mango CM-V210+CX-V210 Board

l  Mango CM-V310 Main Board

l  Mango310 Main Board

l  Mango210 Main Board

l  Mango-AM335x Main Board

l  Mango-IMX6Q Main Board





Shipping Materials


l  10.1” TFT LCD with Capacitive Touch Screen  1 EA



Price : 170,000 (VAT별도)

이메일 : ( 031-701-5057)

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이름 / 2014-11-20 / ★★★☆☆ [수정 / 삭제]


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