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10.4inch TFT LCD with Resistive Touch Screen ( 800x600 )

10.4” LCD with Resistive Touch Features


l10.4” TFT Display for the embedded board

l800x600 SVGA Resolution

lTrue color supports 24-bit for three RGB colors

lTFT Screen with integrated 4-wire Resistive Touch Panel 

l24 bit RGB Data support

lLCD Response time Tr 5ms Tf 15ms

lLCD Luminance 200 ~ 250cd/m2

lLCD Contrast ratio 500

lDot pitch : 0.088(W) x 0.264(H)mm

lActive area : 211.2. (W) x 158.4(H)mm

lOutline Dimension : 228.4(W) x175.4(H) x 5.9(D)mm

lLCD Operation Temperature : -20 ~ 50oC

lTouch Operation temperature : -20oC ~ 60 oC

lLCD Weght 390g


121,000 (VAT포함)

이메일 : ( 031-701-5057)

LCD 연결모습



실행 모습


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